Release Calendar: Statista’s Own Exclusive Content

Statista’s own exclusive content is conceived, modeled, prepared, and regularly updated by a team of analysts along with market and social researchers. Here you find the scheduled releases for the coming 3 months as well as all recent releases.

Future Updates

Last 30 days

Global Consumer Survey - update (extended survey)

Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland,…

New: Motorcycles Market

Addition of the Motorcycles market to…

Extension: Passenger Cars

The country coverage of the Passenger…

No updates available


New: Crime (USA)

Crime in the U.S. - worries,…

Update: US Industry Reports

Our existing US Industry Reports will…

Update: Tobacco Products Market Report

Publication of the Tobacco Products market…

New: Motorcycles market report

Publication of the Motorcycles market report.

Update: eCommerce

Updated market data for Payment Types…

No scheduled updates


Content Special: Fashion

Fashion shopping, clothing styles, brand preferences:…

Update: Digital Media

Release of Usage Shares for 50…

New: Footwear Market Expansion

Incorporation of "Athleisure" into the market…

New: Apparel Market Expansion

Incorporation of "Athleisure" into the market…

Update: Hot Drinks market

Update of all market forecasts with…

No scheduled updates


New: Food Market Expansion

The Food market is expanded by…

Global Consumer Survey - update (extended survey)

Austria, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy,…

Global Consumer Survey - update (basic survey)

Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Denmark, Egypt, Indonesia,…

Update: Non-Alcoholic Drinks market

Update of all market forecasts with…

Update: Accessories market

Update of all market forecasts with…

Update: Digital Advertising

Release of Usage Shares for 50…

No scheduled updates

Digital Market Outlook

The Statista Digital Market Outlook offers forecasts, in-depth market insights, and key performance indicators for the 7 major markets of the digital economy covering various digital goods and services. The data is the result of a detailed bottom-up market modeling, which enables the identification of market- and region-specific trends and developments based on Statista’s large pool of data. With the Digital Market Outlook, we offer a solution that provides reliable and comparable data on 150 countries worldwide within seconds.

Consumer Market Outlook

The Statista Consumer Market Outlook is a tool that provides key market indicators, independent forecasts, and detailed market insights for the most relevant consumer markets. Our goal is to simplify your research and planning by providing all the necessary data for 18 consumer markets in 150 countries with a clearly defined market scope.

Industry Reports

Statista’s U.S. Industry Reports provide valuable insights and data on 43 relevant U.S. industries. They consolidate the most important industry information while highlighting important and interesting data regarding the status quo and trajectory of the industry with forecasts through the year 2021.
A management summary, key facts & figures, and a SWOT analysis provide a substantial introduction. The reports additionally provide quantitative information regarding industry financial numbers, top 3 companies and company details, as well as employee and salary data. Depending on the industry, the reports include chief executive quotes on the latest industry developments, a summary of the most important trends, exclusive consumer & business insights, as well as detailed information on digital opportunities.
The Industry Reports are updated regularly and exist additionally for Germany and the UK. An overview of all available Industry Reports can be found here.


The Statista Toplists include the largest companies of an industry or country, respectively, by revenue. They are suited as lead lists that can be used to get acquainted with the major companies of a given industry or country or as a starting point for further market assessments. They contain contact details of the companies along with total revenue, number of employees, profit before tax, and market capitalization – each presented as a 3-year time series.


Our team of experienced market and social researchers collects primary data and publishes it in the form of statistics as well as parts of studies and dossiers on We perform quantitative online and telephone surveys among consumers and industry experts in Germany, the US, and the UK. We comply with the guidelines set up by professional associations such as ESOMAR, BVM, ADM, and DGOF to maintain scientific standards pertaining to the collection, analysis, and protection of data as well as the processing of personal data. All studies undergo strict quality control procedures before, during, and after the fieldwork phase. We maintain the representativeness of all collected data for the respective population by use of quota and random sampling.